Hustle and Heart  est.2017

Hustle exp( to put in work for a future goal) Heart exp ( putting in love: to give it your all mind body and soul)
This is the concept of Hustle and Heart PNW candle company.


Prior to the woman everyone knows at the present my wife has been a Jane of all trades. She has been a women who puts her artistic flair on everything from candle making, interior design, jewelry, soap, and the brush and pen.
We came to a agreement when this business started that everything we do we do as a family, this shop is our child. We figured life would come full circle as long as we worked hard and put our soul into it.

Creation of candles: there are many people out there we have met that work hard and work harder at having a family. Not all people have a easy go at the all American dream some of us need to put out more for what others are blessed with. Going with treatments and doctor visits which are not covered by many medical companies gets expensive.

So when our candle company decided to leave us before finishing the NEW shop, my wife wanted to take matters into her own hands.

If you know my wife there is no arguing, but her idea was brilliant. She decided to go back to her old skills to find our dream life. With her being the creator, And soul of the shop she can help keep inventory favorites including specialty scents stocked. While working towards fullfililling our dream.

With this, Hustle and Heart was born letting everyone of our customers share in our dream. This is our way of letting everyone in to our lives and thanking you at the same time. This is our dream shared with you, the scents that will share in your lives, will help us contribute to our family and bless our lives.
Many thanks at sharing this moment with us.

Me Ke Aloha,

Chia Higa 



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